Society6 Page


I recently started a Society6 page featuring new work not found on my Etsy site. There are a few reasons I decided to have both an Etsy shop and Society6 page

  1. I felt a bit boxed in with my Etsy page, I didn’t feel like there was room to create beyond my brand.
  2. Etsy is great for selling cards because they are easy to make and easy to ship, prints on the other hand can be hard to print, store, and expensive to ship. I got the Society6 page so they can do all the printing and shipping for me.
  3. I’m keeping the Etsy shop because on Society6 you can only sell packs of 3 of the same notecards, and people typically don’t need to buy 3 of the same mother’s day card.
  4. I recently had a baby and with Society6 I can focus the little free time I have on creating and not on the business end of things

As of now it’s too soon to give a full review of the site but please take a minute to check it out

Society6 page