Society6 Page


I recently started a Society6 page featuring new work not found on my Etsy site. There are a few reasons I decided to have both an Etsy shop and Society6 page

  1. I felt a bit boxed in with my Etsy page, I didn’t feel like there was room to create beyond my brand.
  2. Etsy is great for selling cards because they are easy to make and easy to ship, prints on the other hand can be hard to print, store, and expensive to ship. I got the Society6 page so they can do all the printing and shipping for me.
  3. I’m keeping the Etsy shop because on Society6 you can only sell packs of 3 of the same notecards, and people typically don’t need to buy 3 of the same mother’s day card.
  4. I recently had a baby and with Society6 I can focus the little free time I have on creating and not on the business end of things

As of now it’s too soon to give a full review of the site but please take a minute to check it out

Society6 page

Love Buzz IV

New Work, Upcoming Events

Love Buzz IV is right around the corner! One of my favorite shows at Mill No. 5, nothing better than helping people find the perfect card for that special someone. This year I will be selling two new cards and one updated card.

The first card is a quote from Wuthering Heights, inspired by a trip a took this summer with my husband to England and Scotland. We took a train from London to Glasgow, and while it took most of the day it was a great way to see the landscape.

Another literary inspired card, this one from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Again inspired by my recent trip. Both cards were made using both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

And this last card is an update of one of the first cards I designed. Many of my early designs I’ve started to retire because I’m a little sick of looking at them. With this card I still like the general idea I just felt my skills have improved and the card could use a refresh. I slightly changed the color of the cookie dough to make it look more appealing, I got rid of the spoon and replaced it with a more visually balancing glob of dough, I still like the typeface (Cooper Black) but I changed the layout and color to a softer pink.

I look forward to seeing old and new faces at Mill No 5 in Lowell, MA on Saturday, February 4th 12–5. If you can’t make it to the show feel free to stop by my Etsy shop

Love is the air, and could be in the mail!

New Work

I love Valentine’s Day, but I hate things that are too sentimental. I’ve made a number of cards and prints that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any time you want to show your love.

Sew in Love

Sew in Love is a recently updated card, perfect for pun lovers and weirdos. Of course I hope your relationship is better than that between Frankenstein and his bride, to be honest she really hated him and it didn’t end well—fiery, but not well. Still a fun card, and a fun pun.

Holly & Paul Card

Holly & Paul is inspired by one of my favorite movies, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The drawing I made a few years ago and originally just had it as a mini print, but after a recent viewing of Tiffany’s I finally landed on some text to go with it. This is a great option for that special someone who loves Breakfast at Tiffany’s or for a friend.

Empire 1All I Could Say Was Hello is also movie inspired, from both An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle. The line is a play off the “All I could say was Hello” line from both movies, the Empire State Building is also used prominently in both movies, with the heart only from Sleepless. Great for those who find themselves tongue tied in person.

Often a favorite amongst those with passionate, and slightly weird—in a good way— relationships. Morticia and Gomez are all about completely loving and appreciating one another.

cookie love

This card doesn’t apply to most people. It is a rare love indeed if it’s valued more than cookie dough. If you’re not quite ready yet for that level of commitment you can always request a custom card, maybe an I love you more than oatmeal raisin cookies might be better. Some of you may be thinking that you love oatmeal raisin cookies, I’m sorry to disagree but I’ve always thought of them as an unpleasant surprise.

I love ewe ma

Sometimes the best person you can give a Valentine to is your mom. Yes, I normally think of this as a Mother’s Day card but it doesn’t actually say Mother’s Day on it so it can be for any occasion.

Love is old, love is new

For those who want to give more than a card there is the Beatles inspired print from the Beatles Typography Series. I also like this print as a wedding present.


All of the above and more will be available at Love Buzz III, which takes place Saturday, February 6th from 12–5 at Mill No. 5 in Lowell. And as always you can shop on Etsy as well.

Boston Comic Con July 31st–August 2nd 2015


July 31st – August 2nd I will have cards available at Boston Comic Con as an addition to Alex Cormack‘s booth D708. I have two birthday cards that will be appearing for the first time.

       Spared No expense      Spared No expense inside

I created the Jurassic Park birthday card soon after watching Jurassic World. JP has been one of my favorite movies since it came out when I was a kid and the “Spared no expense” line is one my husband and I say all the time.

In Tents 1       In Tents 2

The campers are in-tents card came about when I was stuck in traffic and couldn’t find anything good on the radio. I started to think about puns I use fairly often and how they would work as a birthday card and this is the result.